Version 2.0 crashes on Huawei
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2018-07-29 07:41:26 UTC

did you Import cards from Anki?

Did you change the card type?

Did you change where the components (e.g. question,  answer, sound, ...) from Anki are displayed in Mnemosyne cards?

I have had formatting problem with cards, that I have imported from Anki cards and on which I have changed the cards type and the components location afterwards. The text of those cards has been displayed in a bigger font style and it has not been centered vertically,  but has been displayed more at the top.

I could fix the problem like this:

- activate only the problematic cards
- export those cards to tab separated cards
- delete the problematic cards
- import the just created tab separated cards

During sync I got this error:

"Deleting same tag twice during sync. ..." (screenshot attached)

The cards are displayed correctly now.

Even in edit mode I can now edit those cards. Before I reimported the cards, they have been displayed blank in edit mode.

Have a nice weekend!


I was wondering if you've already had a chance to look into this?
I'm more than happy to help you fix the problems, but I can't do that without feedback :-)
Is this the version that you got from Google Play?
Did the syncing work OK? Or did you get any other crashes?
Did it work before, or did this happen for a specific card?
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Subject: [mnemosyne-proj-users] Version 2.0 crashes on Huawei
File "/data/user/O/org.mnemosyne/assets/python/bootstrap.py", line 22, in router res = function(values) File "MNEMOSYNE_ANDROID \mnemosyne\android_python\mnemosyne_android.py", line 150, in review_controller_grade_answer File "MNEMOSYNE_ANDROID\mnemosyne\libmnemosyne\review_controllers\SM2_controller.py", line 143, in grade_answer
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'grade'
My smartphone is a Huawei P8 lite, model number ALE-L21, Android version 6.0.
Thanks for any help.
Your app would be very userul to me.
Best regards
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