Usability improvements (was: RE: [mnemosyne-proj-users] Sync error - Deleting same fact twice)
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Peter Bienstman
2018-05-24 10:56:12 UTC
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OK, I see what you mean with respect to the statistics. In that case, it’s cleaner if I for retention score and grade I simply add separate lines for the parent tags too, without the user having to do strange things with adding superfluous tags themselves ☺

With an option in ‘having all of these tags’, I not only meant in activate, but also in the card browser. That would solve your problem I think.

With respect to getting rid of saved sets and replacing everything by tags, I’m afraid I have to decline ☺ . That would lose a lot of functionality. E.g., I have only a few saved sets, but each of them contain much more than 1 tag. Also, the same tag can be active in many saved sets.

In your collection, you have several hundred tags. Do you really want to be able to study them one by one in order? Apart from being very cumbersome to switch between these tags manually, it’s also not good for memory if you compartmentalise your reviews too much. Also, if you use saved sets to choose which new words you want to memorise, it’s probably much easier to use a few well-chosen saved sets (which can evolve over time), rather than having to scroll through an enormous list of tags.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, it’s always helpful to know in what ways people use Mnemosyne that I didn’t consider!



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Subject: [mnemosyne-proj-users] Sync error - Deleting same fact twice

Hello Peter,

I can not look at the "easiness" of a main1 tag, if there is a main1::sub tag (look at the attached screenshot) . There is no main tag called "Turkish", because of its sub tags.

No, I don't want to activate any cards. Or in other words: I don't want create a set of cards. I just want to select any tag in the cards browser (set a tick) and then select only those cards, which also have the tag "Starred".

Example: Select all cards that have the tags "Starred" AND "Turkish::Family". This would select all Turkish::Family cards, which are starred, so that I can edit, correct, verify or make them better.

In SQL you could just use the AND operator to get this result.
In the software this could be a checkbox, a search box or even a shortcut, if you want to keep the user interface simple.

You have mentioned the activate cards window. I think, you don't really need this menu, when you do your repetitions on your smartphone. It would be more convenient to have all tags to be card sets. A search feature on the smartphone to select sets or/and an order tags/sets (because a tag would be the same as a set) feature on the pc would be nice. The tag on top of this list would be the active cards set. Done! :) Guess what?! The next active set would be the second tag. :) You would even get a schedule feature for nothing. :)) The same order of sets/tags on the phone. And the best feature ever: "No more "creating tags" and afterwards "creating card sets from tags". :)))

Hmmm... I really should make this a feature request, because I would get everything I have ever been hoping for. Except: "Edit cards on smartphone" feature.

@Everybody please vote for this feature ;) :


Have a good night! And thank you for this software!


What statistics of the “main” tag are you talking about? In the deck browser, the number next to the main tag will also include all the other cards from the subtags.
With respect to your other request, I’m guessing that what you want is on option in activate ‘having all of these tags’?
If so, feel free to add a feature request to uservoice, so that people can vote for it.
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Subject: RE: [mnemosyne-proj-users] Sync error - Deleting same fact twice
Hi Peter,
thank you for the advice. I have added those double tags on purpose, because I wanted to see the statistics of the "main" tag.
The source for this problem might be, that I have renamed tags from "main" to "main, main::sub". You have later removed this "feature".
By the way, how about a feature, which would enable the user to search in the tag column?
Since I use the starred card feature a lot, I would really like to filter the cards with a specific tag just for starred cards. That way I could easily get rid of starred cards. Starred cards are those cards, that need to be edited.
My workflow is often like this: Select starred cards in the cards browser... oh no :(, tag XX::Deutsch is missing in cards with tag Turkish::Cars.... select Turkish::Cars and add missing tag.
Since I have hundreds of tags and sub tags this can be quite annoying.
Just a thought... I know, you want to keep Mnemosyne simple/intuitive. It would be quite easy to code this too. :)
One question: Will Mnemosyne sync in both directions, from phone to PC and vice versa, if I write the correct date into the date column? There are SQLite editors for Android... :D I have never edited the database directly, don't worry. ;)
I wish you a lot of sunshine! Have a nice day!
I see you have quite a few cards which contain two tags like: “main” and “main::sub”. Normally, they should only have the second tag, as the first one is completely superfluous. Due to a bug in Mnemosyne, these cards show up as ‘untagged’ too.
I will look into this for the next release, but for now, I suggest you do a fresh sync from scratch, and for any new cards you create, make sure they don’t have these double tags.
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Subject: [mnemosyne-proj-users] Sync error - Deleting same fact twice
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